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About Us

Our primary goal at Delta Family chiropractic is to improve your vitality, health, and quality of life. Dr. David Young, D.C. accomplishes this goal by using a very gentle and unique adjusting technique and breath work that focus specifically on the tone of the nervous system. Electrical nerve signals travel from your brain throughout your nervous system. These electrical signals direct and control your entire life. They allow you to read this website, digest food, pump your heart, express emotion, deal with stress, create new cells and repair damaged ones, and all of the other quadrillion functions your body performs on a daily basis.

If interference exists, as either too much or too little nerve tension, your nervous system expends wasted energy in the form of tight, tense muscles; overproduction of acid in the stomach; high blood pressure; adrenal fatigue; uncontrollable weight gain; accelerated aging process; and pain.

Signals get crossed as in an electrical storm, cellular repair goes awry, and dis-ease settles in. Over time—years, months, weeks, or just days—your quality of life may start to decline. Then one morning while bending over to tie your shoe, WHAMMO! You cannot get back up. In almost all cases it isn't just one event that created the problem, but rather the failure to maintain a properly functioning nervous system.

Our ultimate objective is not just to relieve symptoms but also to correct neurological imbalances and teach you how to maintain the correction so that you enjoy an happy and healthy life.

We are accept cash, check, Visa, and Mastercard. We provide a great service at a very reasonable cost and offer care programs with discounted rates.