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Our adjustment technique combines four tonal chiropractic techniques. While getting adjusted people won't hear “pops” or “cracks” in our office. We use instruments and gentle pressure points to remove interference patterns and restore proper nerve flow.

Car Accidents

There is no such thing as a minor auto accident anymore. Due to the weight of a car, even 5 mph can be considered as major physical trauma. If you have been involved in an auto accident please call today to set up an appointment.

Patient Testimonial

I came to Dr. Young for the first time due to chronic headache pain. After years of trying everything, including traditional chiropractic and medication, I was at the end of my rope. I had headaches daily and would most often get relief only through over-the-counter medication and my prescription medication for chronic pain. Over time, I began to notice changes. My headaches were becoming less frequent and I wasn't taking over-the-counter medication nearly as often. After a few months I was able to wean myself off of my prescription medication as well. With time, my headaches had become much less frequent and less severe.

Your First Visit

Your first visit will consist of a consultation followed by a detailed examination. The exam process is designed to help Dr. Young locate the underlying cause of what brought you into the office. On your next visit he will provide the results of his findings and let you know how to proceed in our office.

Infant Adjustments

The birth process can be as traumatic for an infant as a car accident is to an adult. I encourage infants to get checked just to make sure they are at their best. If an infant needs to be adjusted, the pressure used is about the same as checking a tomato to see if it is ripe.

Patient Testimonial

Myself and two kids have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Young for nine months. My symptoms of neck pain, headaches, and numbness in both arms and hands has decreased considerably. I have also noticed my ability to sleep more soundly through the night. My eleven year old daughter's headaches have completely gone away and my thirteen year old son's grades have improved from Cs and Ds to As and Bs. Our adjustments started to make positive effects on our lives within the first month. We have continued to progress with each visit and look forward to many more changes in the way we feel.